Ways to prevent and reduce
teeth stains

Increase the Calcium intake

Calcium should be consumed in larger amounts in order to keep the enamel healthy. Calcium is naturally found in dairy products. Apart from those, supplements are also available in the market which can be purchased on the recommendation of the dentist. With the regular calcium intake and taking a well-balanced diet rich in other vitamins and minerals as well, a person is likely to have healthy bones and healthy teeth.

Visit a dentist

In order to keep the teeth stain-free, it is vital to visit the dentist frequently. Frequent visits to a dentist are likely to keep your mouth healthy and your teeth stain free. However, if you do get some stains on your teeth then you should get them professionally cleaned. Professional cleaning will give you a brighter smile.

Professional cleaning will give you a brighter smile.

Teeth whitening methods

There are various methods for whitening the teeth in case they get the stains. For example, there are teeth whitening strips available in the market which can assist in whitening the teeth.

There is also the bleaching kit easily available in the market which can help in improving the appearance of the teeth by removing the stains.

Stain Removing Toothpastes

Just like the whitening strips that are available in the market to make the teeth whiter and bright, there is also whitening toothpaste however while making a selection you should be very careful as some of these stains removing and whitening toothpaste are likely to make a person’s teeth sensitive.

It is usually recommended by the dentists to use such kind of toothpaste at minimum like twice in a week at maximum.

The Home Remedies

There are also some home remedies which could be utilized in order to avoid the teeth from staining. For example, some people recommend oil pulling to be a very effective technique to keep the mouth and overall health positive. However, before trying any health remedy or using any new technique a thorough research should be carried out. Apple cider vinegar could also be utilized in order to make the teeth whiter. It is regarded as a natural cleaning agent which can assist in making the teeth brighter.

However, everything has to be used in moderation order to avoid the erosion of the teeth in the long run.

Limit the sugar consumption

People have to keep their sugar intake in check. The higher consumption of sugar is likely to create an impact not only on the teeth but also on the health. There is a need to limit the amount of sugar intake.

Sugar can negatively affect the teeth thus, in order to avoid the stains and other teeth problems there is a need to keep the sugar consumption to a minimum.

Increase the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables

It is important to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables in order to improve the overall health. Strawberries are said to have a positive effect on the teeth by whitening them. There is no harm in trying the natural resources which are available to us. Vegetables because of their crunchy nature are likely to minimize the creation of plaque in the teeth. Use the fruits and the vegetables on daily basis can have a positive impact on the overall health and can also play a significant role in teeth whitening. So, in order to keep the stains at bay trying the natural fruits and vegetables could be regarded as the easiest and positive method.